A new (easier) method to uninstall the SMS virus was discovered

Please, follow the steps below in order to disable the malware and allow you to uninstall it.

  1. Download and install from Play Store the ML Manager application.
  2. Open ML Manager and look for the application that infected your device. It should be named “FedEx”, “Correos”, “DHL”, “MRW”. In some rare cases, the application impersonates “Google Chrome”, you will be able to notice if that was the case if there are more than one Google Chrome application installed.
  3. Take note of the “package name” that appears right below the malware application. It could be named something like “com.tencent.mm” or “com.eg.android.AlipayGphone”, among some other names.
    Example of a package name
  4. Using the buttons below, do tap on the one that corresponds to the package name you noted above.
  5. Install the APK that gets downloaded in the infected device. After the installation, the virus will be neutralized.
  6. Uninstall the leftovers from the application you downloaded in step 4.

com.tencent.mm com.tencent.mobileqq com.clubbing.photos com.redtube.music com.taobao.taobao com.eg.android.AlipayGphone com.iqiyi.i18n

Don’t see the package name in this list? Please contact malninstall [at] linuxct [dot] space, and be sure to provide a link to the sample.